Oral & Poster Presentation Guideline

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

These guidelines contain general standards for all oral presenters regardless of session type to help you prepare efficiently for your presentation.

Slide Submission

  • Submit your Presentation Slides at least 2 hours before your session starts.

Preview Room

  • It is the single most important action that presenters visit Preview Room to check whether slides work as expected. Authors must check in the Preview Room at least 40 minutes before the start of session.
  • Location: a room will be designated next to Vista Hall, Grand Walkerhill Seoul


  • Speakers must arrive at and seated in front next to the Speaker’s Podium before the start of the session.


  • All sessions need to run according to a very tight time schedule. Each and every presentation must start and end on time, with no exceptions; we strongly recommend you to rehearse your presentation before the session to ensure that it does not exceed the allotted time.

Allotted Time

  • 7 minutes for presentation + 3 minutes for Q&A

Works for Slides

  • All presentation slides must be in English
  • Computer OS: Windows 7 and MS Office 2010
  • PPT File Format: PPT, PPTX, PPSX, PDF.
  • Movie File Format: WMV (Strongly recommended), AVI, MPEG.
  • Only default fonts are allowed, we will not be responsible for any errors if special fonts are used.

Guidelines for Poster Exhibition

Poster Preparations : General information

  • Posters must be in English.
  • One poster board will be allocated for each poster exhibition.
  • A printed number identifying each poster board will be provided.
  • Posters will be displayed in the Poster Exhibition Area.
  • Poster size: Height 120cm x Width 90cm (please refer to the illustration below)
  • Poster mounting and taking down: Posters will be on display for two days.
  • Posters should be mounted before the first coffee break on 06.11.2020 (Thu) and taken down after the last coffee break on 06.13.2020 (Sat).
  • Assistance and material for mounting the posters will be available by the Secretariat at the poster desk, located in the Poster Exhibition Area.
    Posters that have not been taken down by the author(s) will be removed and discarded by the Congress Organizer.